DevEx And DevOps Day 15th October, 2020 - Online Register Schedule

DevEx And DevOps Day

15th October, 2020

Developer Experience (DevEx) and DevOps, both are focused on streamlining your engineering practices to remove friction and speed up your end-to-end delivery process (Concept to Cash.) This track will focus on emergent practices and tools inspired by eXtreme Programming that ensures high-quality features are consistently delivered at lightning speed.

Join us to hear real-world stories from best teams on how they have combined innovations in technology, process, and culture to keep entire engineering team happy while consistently shipping clean-code in a collaborative and disciplined manner to continuously deliver delightful products and services to the business.

Target Audience: Technology Leaders, Architects, Tech Leads, Developers, Testers, and Ops.

Virtual Conference

15th October, 2020
8:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Who should attend?

Technical Leaders, who are interested in streamlining value engineering. This includes:-

  • Technology Leaders – To understand how to change the organization to embrace CD and DevOps
  • Architect/Tech Leads/Programmers/Testers – To learn how to deliver code frequently with high quality using right automation techniques
  • Operations People – To learn how to collaborate with development teama and to manage infrastructure better by using the right tooling
  • Experts (Security/Domain) – To understand how to use your expertise and collaborate with the team to make sure that what gets delivered is “done right” from the domain and security perspective


Gunnar Grosch

Gunnar Grosch

Senior Developer Advocate @ Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Isabel Evans

Isabel Evans

Independent Quality and Testing consultant @ British Computer Society
Kiran Kashyap

Kiran Kashyap

Agile Change Agent @ Lowe
Matthias Zax

Matthias Zax

Agile Engineering Coach @ Raiffeisenbank International AG
Paul Stack

Paul Stack

Staff Software Engineer @ Pulumi

Vaidik Kapoor

Vaidik Kapoor

VP Engineering @ Grofers
Vilas Veeraraghavan

Vilas Veeraraghavan

Senior Director Of Engineering @
Vivek Ganesan

Vivek Ganesan

Agile / Devops Coach @ Ampyard

What will you learn/gain?

  • Build Pipeline – How to Build and maintain Continuous Delivery Pipeline to Deliver value to customers quickly and safely
  • Importance of various Testing Tools
    • Property based testing
    • Contract driven tests
    • Cross device testing tools for Mobile Applications
    • Visual Regression testing
    • Continuous Security, Performance Testing
  • Continuous Delivery and Database – Patterns that can be applied for managing Database to support Continuous Delivery
  • Manage infrastructure
    • Using containers to manage consistency and ease of setup of any environment, such as development, staging, production etc.
    • Choosing the right cloud providers
  • Culture – Implementing workflow/cultural changes to help the Security or Domain experts to collaborate with the team
  • Continuous Delivery for different types of applications/architecture – Patterns and techniques for implementing CD/DevOps for different kinds of applications such as:
    • Microservices
    • Mobile applications
    • Mainframe applications
    • Green field projects
    • Existing monolithic & legacy applications
    • Serverless
  • Production Monitoring, Information Radiators – Different measurements and techniques teams can use, such as:
    • Improve the ‘Red-to-green’ time for production issues
    • What teams should measure during their DevOps journey
    • Using techniques such as:
      • A/B Testing
      • Usability Testing
      • Canary Releasing
      • Blue/Green deployments